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Monday, June 20, 2005

Running start

Hi all. The weekly report with my Kilimambogo viewpoint starts now.....let me join the show and tell.

So here goes...I saw the BET documentary on the Funk Brothers yesterday. It was cool to see the musicians behind the stars coming ouf of Hitsville. It reminds me of how amazing watching talented musicians play live is. I try to get to a jazz club or live band joint every once in a while. And large concerts don't count..that is a different deal altogether. The more intimate the joint the better. A couple of shows come to mind Masekhela in Brooklyn, The Funky Meters in New Orleans...and Funk Master Flex blew my mind at a club near Canal Street. I mean there is DJing and DJing! I have never looked at DJing the same way again. I try to get around, and funny I seem to only remember the shows in New York and in New Orleans!! Are these the best cities for the very best live music? Chicago is good. Memphis was good... Anyway...I hope I keep this up.


At 6:49 AM, Blogger Irena said...

Saying hello from DC! as well. Great to see a fellow DC bloggin


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